Following a conversation I had this week where someone mentioned to me that they had been a little nervous to come into my shop because it looked so lovely she automatically assumed I would be overpriced and possibly a little pretentious…

I would like to say while I am situated in the very idyllic town of Hungerford, I am a London born girl who has no airs and graces and I consider myself both genuine and down to earth.

My vision was a calm beautiful, relaxed environment where brides could enjoy a glass of bubbles, have fun and really enjoy the experience while they selected their gown. Hopefully I have created just that….. My prices are recommended by my designers and I work with and range from £1200 – £2700……but like all shops I hold the occasional Sample Sale!!

So if you were thinking what I have mentioned above, please don’t judge a book by its cover, read some of my reviews from real brides and come and see me, you may be pleasantly surprised… 🙂